[HOWTO] From Cyanogen 4.2.15 to SuperD v1.9.3 (Nexus W + RAM)

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Certo che mollare Cyano mi dispiacerebbe…

Ok, done at the end but with i didn’t found a doc about a safe procedure, so i share my experience:

First of all, my recovery image was wrong, was a “Cyanogen + JF 1.4″ and many features lacks.

My phone is already rooted but if your is not google or youtube “jailbreak dream G1″

So first of all download and setup a proper recovery image:
Download & install instructions – (link 1)
follow the install instructions

The next step is download all the needed roms
DangerSPL (2 files) – (link 2)
SuperD 1.9.3 (1 file) – (link 3)

Now connect your phone to the pc and mount the sd card and save all the data to your computer

i will re-partition the sd, because i have no swap atm

Delete all the files from your sd and replace with the 2 files of the dangerSPL: ota and spl

Power off the phone and reboot it in recovery mode
turn on using Power+Home
After the boot you should see the name of the recovery image, for me now the build is: RA-dream-v1.6.2

Now 4 steps for a safe backup
1- Backup with nandroid: [Alt+B] [Alt+0] [Home] … [Back]
2- Mount the microSD via USB to your PC: [Alt + T]
Copy the /nandroid directory to your pc
3- Eject the SD from the PC and push [Home] on the phone.
4- Now smile, you can roll back ;)

Ok now we are ready to install the DangerSPL
First, install the radio update: [Alt + F] ota-radio-(your version).zip [Home] … [Home + Back] (reboot for apply)
Now, install the DangerSPL: [Alt + F] spl-signed.zip [Home] … [Home + Back] (reboot for apply)

Excellent, now we have only to cleanup the SD, 2 steps ;)
1- Re-partition your SD: [Alt + P] [Alt + 0] [Home]
follow the instructions, i chosen swap 64 and ext 2048 but i have a 16gb card, fit as best
2- Push [Home] and wait for partitioning.
3- Convert to ext3 and then repair the ext partitions: [Alt + P] [Alt + 2] [Home] … [Alt + P] [Alt + 1] [Home]

Now you are ready to install the SuperD rom
1- Connect you phone with the usb cable and mount the SD: [Alt + T]
2- Copy the rom file back to the SD, for me: signed-NexusSuperD193.zip
3- Safely eject the SD.
4- Flash the rom: [Alt + F] signed-NexusSuperD193.zip [Home] … [Home + Back] (reboot for apply)


I don’t know if it’s all necessary to you but i was for me.

PS: i can’t post links :( but you can find them into the attachment

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