Not Being a Troll Isn’t Enough: A Handbook to Being a Model Internet Citizen

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The internet gives us all a platform to make our voices heard. That’s incredibly powerful, but with that power comes responsibility. That’s right, like any citizenship, your internet privileges carry with them responsibilities. “But I’m no troll,” you say. That’s not enough; there’s more to being an upstanding citizen of the internet than just not trolling. Here’s how to embrace the responsibilities of your citizenship and become a model internet citizen.

What Is an Internet Citizen?

Being a citizen of the internet, like being a citizen of any state, nation, or even member of a small group, carries with it rights, privileges, and responsibilities. As a user on the internet, most of us enjoy and cherish our rights of self-expression and the free flow of information provided to us. Still, being a citizen of the internet is just as much responsibility as it is a right. We’re not entitled to our daily dose of LOLCats or time-wasting YouTube videos, and just because you have better things to do than troll people on Facebook or post flamebait in the comments of the blogs you read doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give something back to the very thing you take for granted. Here’s how you can help make the internet a better place.

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